Dr Vicky Simon BVetMed VetLFHom MRCVS

Vicky graduated from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in London in 2012. Having always had an interest in the alternative side of medicine she wasn’t keen to go into a practice that followed convention, having to recommend to owners things she wouldn’t do with her own pets. So she was lucky to get a job in an integrated practice up in Yorkshire, where she started developing her herbal and homeopathic knowledge, as well as promoting natural feeding and the minimal use of chemicals. 

Vicky has recently completed her Veterinary Herbal Medicine Certification course, which gives her membership to the British Association of Veterinary Herbalists (BAVH). 

She joined the team here in March 2015 and,now her herb course is finished, she will be undertaking further homeopathic study. She also hopes to develop her knowledge of acupuncture so she can start using this in the clinic as well. 

When she’s not working you will, more often than not, find Vicky exploring the countryside with her faithful companion Fudge, a smooth-coat Collie who she re-homed in 2009. Her passions for nature and cooking combine when she can gather nature’s harvest to cook with or make into medicine. She is into good food and healthy living, walking, riding, yoga, festivals and knitting, as well as trying to be as ‘green’ as possible!

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