Daytime Emergencies:

During our normal hours, in an emergency, always call to let us know you are on your way so the duty vet can be contacted if off site to come back asap

01243 779111

Normal hours are 9am to 6pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 12 noon saturday

Between 8 and 9am (and 6 to 6.30pm weekdays) follow instructions on the ansaphone to speak to the duty nurse.

Outside of normal hours:

please contact our emergency service providers: 

Worthing Emergency Vets on 01903 203 999


If you need a Pet Taxi some useful numbers are listed at the bottom of this page



1.Always phone first to let us or the emergency clinic know you are coming

2.Give a brief description of the problem so we can prepare for your arrival

3.Do not hesitate to contact us or the emergency clinic if you are in any way worried, we are always here to help you and your pet.


Like many small practices, since the application of certain legislative changes to the Veterinary Profession, we have had to make a pragmatic decision regarding out of hours emergency cover. Reality is that legislation now means that unless you have 8 Vets in a rota, you cannot practically provide your own out of hours service.

Being as we intend to remain a small clinic offering a personal, approachable service we fall into the category of need to outsource to a nearby service provider

In deciding who to use, we looked at the options available, and felt that Worthing Emergency Vets best suited what we would want if we were clients. On site Vets and nurses, specialising in emergency care, there when you need them, in a friendly and well set up hospital.

Clients who have used this service have praised the set up. Likening it to a perfect A&E - there when you need it, easy to get too and with staff ready and awake, you don’t need to call them out to see them.

When registering with us we will inform you of this emergency care structure, and you should ensure that you can access this service if needed.


Pet Taxi Services

 Please find below a list of companies offering a delivery/collection service for your pet’s needs.

 PAWS OUTDOORS – 07966 291667

Email: info@paws-outdoors.co.uk

 PET PROFESSIONALS – 07969 670004

Email: pet-professionals@hotmail.co.uk

Transport up to 5 miles - £5.00 each way – over 5 miles £8.00 each way.

 PET CABBIE – SUE 07828 322304 or CHRIS 07403 949181

Email: sue@pet-cabbie.co.uk

Target market includes those on a low income who can't afford private taxi charges and the elderly, disabled or any pet owner who may struggle with, or not have access to, transport

Website: http://www.pet-cabbie.co.uk/Home.html

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