Recent Testamonials:

"Mark pinpointed the right remedy first time for my husband! After years of despair it was amazing to see such immediate results using Homeopathy. Good luck with your practice Mark, You're a natural healer" Mrs KF Hampshire

"Since setting up his first practice 14 years ago, Mark has treated all of our dogs with complementary medicine for a wide range of conditions, sometimes in combination with conventional medicine, but more often not. It has been important to us that not only have these "alternative" treatments been effective but also that their quality of life has been maintained, without the side effects we had seen with some conventional treatments

As long term clients of Mark's when he expanded into treating people as well as animals it seemed logical to seek his advice and treatment both before and after major surgery (including Radiotherapy) and for support during a period of stress and depression. We are sure that the remedies prescribed were a major factor in early recovery from the former and helping to achieve and maintain a more positive emotional balance to be able to resolve the latter, again without the side effects often associated with conventional medicines.

From our experience we would recommend Mark to anyone open-minded to alternative treatments"  Mr PD Hampshire

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