Species we treat

In todays evolving medical arena it is becoming unusual to be a jack of all trades, so just to define the services we offer a bit more: 

We provide a first opinion (all the usual services including surgery, diagnostics and medicine) as well as consultancy service for DOGS, CATS, RABBITS GUINEA PIGS and other rodents, as well as Backyard POULTRY

We are happy to see Farm Animals by referral for Homeopathy and Acupuncture

Mark provides a consultancy service for GAMEBIRDS and also for DEER, kept in both Parks and Farms through South Downs Veterinary Consultancy

And Mark is a qualified homeopath for Humans and some of his time is taken up with his human practice. Along with other specialists Mark has long been a fan of the concept of “one medicine” - sharing the skills learnt across species for the benefit of all.

For more information on anything at all, call us on 01243 779111

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